Long Distance Relationship Advice and Tips

If you are looking for long distance relationship advice, you already know how much harder it is to keep your relationship on track. This is even more difficult if you have a suspicious and/or jealous nature as trust is always going to be an issue with you. If you both can see each other every day it is easier to build trust, but being a long way apart it’s not so easy, and you may have to pull out all the stops for surviving a long distance relationship if it is floundering.

While I hope your relationship is strong, if it has problems, then you need to make sure you both want to stay together (together but apart that is!). If you have discussed this and the answer is ‘yes’, then you need to get your thinking caps on… and fast.

Communication is the most important cornerstone in any relationship. While it is difficult for some to do this properly when they see each other frequently, think how hard this one thing is to do when you are far apart. If you are face-to-face, you can read each other’s expressions, see their moods, but if you have to rely on the telephone, it is much more difficult and harder to get the right message across. If you relationship has started to falter, then you need some specific long distance relationship tips.

Advice for a Troubled Relationship

Being able to recognize and deal with the problems in your relationship is one of the keys to making it a long and fulfilling relationship. Make no mistake, there will inevitably be problems, acting like they don’t exist is not the answer.

But how do you recognize the signs?

Living separate lives together. You may share the same home, but you no longer connect on an emotional level. You’re ‘going through the motions’ and act more like roommates than lovers. To outsiders you may seem fine, but really you’re drifting further and further apart.

Real Relationships Require Real Life

When you begin to communicate with someone on the Internet, by phone, or by text there is sometimes a wonderful feeling of connection. At last it seems as if you are not alone, you’ve found someone who understands exactly how you feel. That special person can seem like ‘the one’. The only one. And you are so happy to have made found your soul mate at last. You wait for the phone to ring, the text alert, and the email to arrive. You are, in your own mind, in love, with all the same feelings that brings.

If It Stays Virtual?

However wonderful the relationship seems to be, it is only virtual. It is textual, aural and not anchored in the real world. This is the harsh truth. For the relationship to move on to the next stage, which you are probably hoping for, you need to meet the person you are communicating with face to face, in order to find out if it is what you want. Think about it. A virtual relationship, without the reality of actually seeing someone, could in fact be with anyone at all. It is very easy to pretend you are all things to all people. You could invent a life you do not have, boast of achievements and invent tales which have no foundation in truth at all. Equally, it is quite easy to say things that lead another to believe you are the most understanding and loving person in the world. ‘Love’ means very little without action. ‘Love’ is just a word. How we express that love in the real world is where its true value lies, and where its reality is – not simply the verbal expression of it. And if you never meet, you cannot express it.

Relationships Take Time and Effort

Having a special someone in our lives can make everything feel worthwhile. We have a friend, ally, confidante, supporter, lover. But relationships need time, attention and nurturing to remain fresh and alive. We need to make an effort to listen, be interested in what the other person says and does, continue to take a pride in our appearance, take care of ourselves whilst also maintaining our own interests and identity.

Over time a relationship can sometimes become almost forgotten, taken for granted as we focus on the many other demands in our lives: work, friends in need of our support, family who are looking for our help. This may be fine for a time. A close partner is often able to understand that there are occasions when we have to consider others and devote our time, energy and attention elsewhere.

But what if the situation continues for too long and he or she starts to feel neglected and disrespected, way down our list of priorities? At times all relationships have tough periods, times when one person feels that they are doing all the giving, being especially supportive whilst their partner is doing all the taking.

Failed Relationships Are Good

We’ve all been there at least once. That one relationship we all say, “I wish that never happened.” It’s true it can be very hard on you emotionally, maybe even physically. However, that relationship was good.

From the first date with a girl I never took out on a second date, to the long relationship that ended terribly, or even the “almost” relationship that never made it to being “Facebook Official.” I have said it was all a waste of time. This is not the way I should have been thinking because it kept me from seeing the beauty in all of this. But what did I really have to gain? I mean, a first date you didn’t end up liking that much? That was just a waste of time and money. A long relationship? A HUGE waste of time and money. That’s all I thought it was. I didn’t think any of this was a good thing until more recently when I started thinking more outside the box.

So what has been my problem? Self-deception. I was always thinking inside the box. I thought of all these relationships as a waste of time, rather than a wonderful learning experience. This kept me from growing into a better person. I was stuck at the same level after each failed attempt on finding “the one.” So what did I do? I did some digging to figure it out. Keep in mind, I’m not going to write about all of the girls I have ever taken on a date. I will pick a few that had the biggest message for me to learn. Frankly I don’t remember every girl I have been on a date with.

Why Many Relationships Fail

Whenever you meet a new woman you really like, there usually comes a phase where you can’t stop thinking about her. No matter how much you want to distract yourself, she’s always on your mind and it drives you crazy when you can’t be with her. Now, unless she feels exactly like you, this relationship will head downhill pretty fast.

For the sake of this article, let’s avoid all the obvious reasons (like incompatibility, cheating, the lack of chemistry, wanting different things etc.) why most relationships usually fail. Instead, let’s shift our focus on the male and his behavior. To be precise: how his behavior in the beginning stages of the relationship ruins it.

For the majority of men, the start of the relationship will look something like this: boy meets girl, boy becomes mesmerized by the girl, girl notices his sudden change of behavior and starts to pull away, boy tries even harder to win her over, girl loses all interest and gives him the “let’s just be friends” talk, boy is confused and heartbroken. And this is usually how many relationships end before they even had a real chance to begin.

The Beauty of Long Term Relationships

There has always been a certain type of stigma circling long term relationships. From magazine articles to online forums and entire websites dedicated to love and dating tips, almost everyone has something to say about how to revive relationships and bring the spark back. They show statistics and colorful infographics – as if to ease the blow – about how relationships change over time. They show numbers, they quote scientists and they throw in some more numbers and graphs. But are they showing the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


Heraclitus of Ephesus, a Greek philosopher known for his doctrine of change, said that the only “… constant about life is change.” In other words, everything around us is moving, transforming, changing. This ultimately creates a chain of reactions where we inevitably adapt or grow in a cycle of never-ending change.

Why Relationships Break Up

Relationships are like delicate flowers that have to be tendered with liberal doses of love and affection. If you do not water and take care of the flowers in your garden, one day or the other, they will start withering and one fine morning you will find that they are all dead. People just do not bother to take care of their relationships and only when their relationships break up, do they try to find out some solution. They should know that relationships are like flowers and once they are dead, they just cannot be revived. You might be able to establish a friendship with your partner, but the flame of relationship will never be regained.

Before you ask why relationships break up, have you ever thought what keeps a relationship alive? Once you have been able to answer this question, there will be no occasion for the relationship to break. A stitch in time saves nine and this holds true for relationships too. It takes a long time to stick together a good relationship and the lucky few who have got true relationships know the value it holds both for them and their partner. There are some people who just think that offering lots of gift to their girlfriend or having sex with her is what relationship is all about. They are far away from the real answer, because this is not what relationship is all about.

True relationship means sacrificing a lot and giving till it hurts, and it is not about giving money. Why not wake up a bit earlier on a Sunday and prepare the breakfast for her, cleaning the kitchen too to ensure that she does not have to do it. What about taking her to a surprise dinner? It might even be small things and sacrificing your favorite ball game just to spend some extra moments with her. These things might sound simple, but they are tough to implement. Ladies love being pampered and more so, if the pampering is genuine and it comes straight from the heart.

Techniques to Save Your Relationship

A healthy relationship is a big part of a happy and fulfilling life. As everyone is different, it can be challenging to keep a relationship healthy. A couple should have the same goals, dreams and aspirations, when these diverge, it causes tension in the relationship. This could lead to agreements and push the relationship apart.

The key is catching and dealing with these differences early. If left unchecked they will continue to build. These lingering misunderstandings will undermine every aspect of your relationship. In time you may not even remember what you are fighting about, yet you continue to argue. If you understand how to deal with these issues you can being to bring back a happy relationship.

First keep in mind for an argument to happen it takes two participants. Communication is simply the most important factor of any relationship. When you are arguing and fighting the communication stops. Are you really listening to the needs and wants of your spouse or are you trying to force your position. You should stop trying to force your position and listen to your spouse. This will begin to deescalate. the argument. You can then discuss the problem as two calm adults.