14 Dating Rules You Must Know!

14 Dating Rules You Must Know

Rule 1: Always be confident in yourself -MAIN RULE!

People who have real confidence in themselves attract people naturally. People can tell when you are confident with yourself and where you are going with your life.

If you’re not confident in yourself, why? Is it because you have no money? Is it because you think you’re overweight or ugly?

All of this can be overcome with confidence. Honestly, girls (girls we want to date) don’t care a lot about these things. Of course, if you are really over weight and you have bad teeth and you dress like a hobo, change yourself.

It’s that simple. If you want to be successful with women, you can’t hide behind excuses to fail.

I know a lot of men who aren’t rich and aren’t good looking who are very successful with women because they act like they are good looking and they are rich, they act in ways that make men and women naturally attracted to them.

A happy go lucky guy who smiles a lot will get x10 the amount of attention as a sad sack
sitting in the corner no matter how hot or rich he is.

Be happy with yourself, but if there is something holding you back from being a more outgoing person, fix it.

Rule 2: Relax – be totally calm – act like u don’t need her

As you can tell these rules are not in any particular order but when you first start dating someone, act calm, be cool. Especially on the first date, be cool. Don’t be nervous, don’t get all excited and act like a goof.

Don’t act desperate around women, just be you and not worry about the outcome, dating should be fun!

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Rule 3: Be Cocky and Funny – be outgoing and have fun AND BE FUN TO BE AROUND – be charming/gentleman

Being cocky to me means not being afraid to joke around with women. Men are so scared to be themselves around women that they act all uptight and nervous and are not sure what to say.

Don’t worry about. Most men by nature are not big mouth arrogant SOB’s, so just say what’s on your mind.

Talking about sex and other taboo subjects is FINE. Teasing a girl lightly is fine, as long as it’s funny and a little bit cocky.

Be the fun guy to hang around, make dating fun for you and her.

Rule 4: Don’t get emotional even if the woman does – women will test you – nothing to be insecure about

This rule IS SO IMPORTANT when you start dating someone more seriously. I made this mistake a couple of times early on and the relationships ended pretty soon after.

If a woman says something to you that makes you feel nervous, angry, upset and you feel like you’re going to get overly emotional and say something you will regret, FOR THE GOOD OF YOUR SANITY, Don’t say anything.

It’s a lot easier to say nothing then it is to take something stupid back. Think before you speak. Women will always do this. Women will blame you for things that are not your fault, things will happen in their lives that make them emotional, you’re job is to stay calm.

Rule 5: Lead in the relationship – Always be a man – IE Dad – say things like “you do what you wanna do”

Girls like a guy who will lead in the relationship. I don’t mean bossy, I mean lead. It’s a manly thing to do. When a woman asks what you want to do, doesn’t reply back, “I don’t know, what do you want to do”, take the bull by the horn’s and make a decision. I know it’s a bit of a pain to be the one who does this all the time, but it really works.

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Also, when women throw things at you that you’re not expecting, never over react, I touched on this just before, and I’m going to again.

If a girl says she’s going out with male friends, or seeing an ex boyfriend, don’t flip your lid, this is the quickest way to push her away.

Just say things like, “you do what you wanna do”, “it’s your life, I’m not your father, have fun”. Saying things like this make you sound confident in yourself and don’t really care what she does.

Begging her not to go and doing all sorts of crazy things guys do will push her away for good.

Rule 6: Live an active and full life – you come first – plenty of fish in the sea -Always keep busy

Most of you are probably thinking how am I going to remember all these things, and you’re not suppose to really. Use them all, or use just a few, refer to them often and they will sink in over time.

But if you only remember one dating rule, this is it.

Always keep busy! Never make too much time for a girl when you first start dating. All the other rules will fall into place if you just follow this one.

When you’re sitting at home with nothing to do, you will be tempted to want to ring any girl you’re dating too much and you will become too available.

If she’s says lets make plans for tuesday, say no you’re busy, how about wednesday.

Get a hobby, play a sport, go out more with your friends and if you don’t have any friends, make some!

Keep your mind busy and everything else will fall into place because you will be too busy with your life to care what she is doing. She will be just a nice little extra in your life, not your whole life!

Keep busy guys!

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Rule 7: Don’t rush the dating process – build the mystery – forcing repels attraction

Again, this goes with keeping busy. Never see a girl more then twice a week for at least the first 10 to 20 dates. Seriously. I know you will want to spend all your time with someone if you think she’s the one, but, you need to build the attraction, not force it.

This way is best for both of you. I feel most guys will settle for a girl because she wants a relationship, even tho she might not be the girl for him.

Take your time, have fun, date multiple women, it’s ok.

Rule 8: Let things go, the past is the past -but always tell it as it is – no hang-ups!

Every one has a past, and if I’ve made any mistake too much, it’s this one. You have to accept people for who they are, if you really like someone, leave the past where it belongs, in the past.

We all have baggage. Of course, there are limits.

Rule 9: Don’t write sappy emails ever, never write anything because of fear or insecurity

What is it with guys and writing sappy letters or emails when they feel like they are losing the girl or have lost the girl.

If a girl breaks up with you, let it go, move on with your life, start dating again and you will find this will bring back love quicker then a sappy email professing your undying love for the girl.

Think before you speak, think before you type!

Rule 10: Girls find a guy hot when he has a plan for life – IE I told a girlfriend about my dreams for life

I don’t know what it is, but when your talking about something your passionate about, people are naturally attracted to you.
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I use to date a girl who played guitar and she was so passionate about it, it was a real turn on. She knew what she wanted to be and I found that sexy.

Same thing applies to men. I tell girls about my dream of running the largest publishing company in the world one day and girls find my passion and that idea really attractive.

Rule 11: Don’t apologize for the sake of apologizing – Don’t apologize if you’ve done nothing wrong

This is a real turn off for women. Guys have a habit of apologizing for girls bad behaviors and it’s not on.

Women see this as a sign of weakness. If a girl is doing something or saying something you don’t like, tell her that. If she’s acting bratty, tell her that.

Don’t put up with moody behavior just because she thinks you deserve to be treated that way, you don’t.

Rule 12: First Date Advice – Lean Back Relax. Don’t Be Nervous, Be Confident, Funny, Cocky, But Don’t Take It Too Far!

I must admit, one date I did take the cocky and funny routine a bit far and probably was a bit more relaxed then I should have been and I came across very arrogant and sarcastic.
Arrogance is a huge turn off and there is a fine line between that and cocky and funny.

Rule 13: No matter how funny or cocky you are, treat sex with respect. If you do have sex with a girl, make it special, like she’s the only one that matters.

Rule 14: Dress well, but don’t over do it!
I don’t have to talk more about this do I?

Black White Dating Is Here To Stay

Black white dating should not be judged even by those who feel that races should not mix. And for those who feel interracial dating should be forbidden, one thing they need to realize is that we now live in a world where race, age and even financial status are becoming less and less important in our relationship. Skin color isn’t that important � personality flies.

Black white dating and interracial dating and marriages have generally increased. We now look for people who make us happy and who we can make happy despite race and all those things that used to matter then.

The internet is the best place to start the journey of black white dating if that is what you are interested in. You can fine the person who is right for you just by surfing the internet. Prejudice will always be there and as long as interracial dating exists, there are those who will always cringe at the idea. So best thing is to just live your life and find the one the makes you tick without caring what others think.

When it comes to relationships, race should not matter. And much as it defines someone’s beliefs and where the person comes from, it plays a very small role in romantic relationships and should not be a factor to eliminate all potential partners.

Given history, black white dating has proved to be challenging. That much we cannot deny. But when you get the right place to start from (a place where people think alike), you will be fine. This is why black white dating sites exist; to increase ones possibilities of interracial dating.

So when you see a black white couple passing by, it’s not our place to tell them whether they should or shouldn’t date. I think we all have our personal problems to worry about besides other people’s relationships. And races weren’t created to live in separation but to interact and live in harmony. So if all co-exist in our work places, what difference is there in romantic relationships?

Fact: Even with all the criticisms, interracial dating is going nowhere. So if society is the reason you aren’t happy with the one you love, ask yourself this: �Will society keep me company when I am lonely or miserable with someone I don’t love?�